Shark Conservation

Great White Shark

Did you know that 72% of the Earth's surface is covered with water? Given that the oceans absorb half of all man-made carbon dioxide, the oceans have a great effect on the wellbeing of the planet. Without oceans the planet's environment would resemble that of Mars', which would make it unsustainable for life in its current form. We have an obligation to do all that we can in order to preserve and protect this special environment that breathes life into out planet.

Here at San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions Inc. we are increadibly concerned with the wellbeing of one particular creature: the great white shark. We are passionate about this magnificent, fierce predator, not to mention that our business wouldn't have much of a future if the fauna of sharks at Guadalupe Island took a hit. After all nobody would go shark cage diving if there were no sharks to see.

White Shark Cage Diving

We have reached remarkable advances in educating the public about sharks. Peter Benchley, who's novel about great whites served as the basis for the film "Jaws" put a lot of effort into researching and studying these animals. Even though his movie started the craze about how dangerous sharks are, but to tell the truth Benchley's research has cleared that point of view in the last thirty years. The truth is that people kill a lot more sharks than vice versa. In 1999 Hong Kong's customs office cleared 6,954 tons of shark fins for re-export. Contrast that with the 55 unprovoked shark attacks that were reported in 2003, with only four of them ending in fatalities.

This is the reason why we donate to the Shark Research institute and ( ) and the San Diego Oceans Foundation. At the same time we want to do more than just donate funds to these great organisations. We also let scientists use the images our guests have taken of great white sharks while on a trip with our services. Dr. Michael Domier has been able to achieve great results in his research with Science Conservation Institute by using these pictures.

Gudalupe Island

We first started collecting images in 2002, when Jessie "Sharkchik" Harper collected field notes and information on great white sharks as well as taking images. Her work allowed her to identify and name 105 different great white sharks around Guadalupe Island. During the trips we carry a binder with images of each previously identified shark showing their left, right, tail and dorsal fin, as well as a frontal picture.

We at San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions educate our guests about great white sharks, and their stuation. We encourage everybody to take action by donating to one of the above charities, or their favorite ocean conservation research organization, or by participating in one of the projects themselves.

Many people shy away from the latter option, because they believe that they don't know enough of the oceans to be of any help. Nothing could be further from the truth, charities and research facilities could do with all the help they can get. Although not everybody is a marine biologist, but a cheerful attitude, and a willingness to help can bring a lot to the table.

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